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Wonderous Road Track 14
                         Tyrese Band - Wonderous Road
Its a wonderous. Its a wonderous, rooOOAAAD.....I think I fantasize too much, where have I left my reality? where?......wHeRe---- where where wHeeeRe?....
Im walking on zebra stripped roads. Seeing people I never seen before. My eyes are attached like slithering cords. Cant seem to get my eyes off of it!
To-Oh-Oh-day. Im walking away.Down wonderous road. To-oh-oh-day. What more can I say? Im walking down to wonderous road.
Renny's verse- Elephants. Wearing, Nascar helmets. This is how the people travel. Im in an obtusable dimension, but in the saaame life. Feeling no resentment
I dont ever recall getting permission. Is this a dream, or is it reality? If it is, I dont wanna wake up agaaaain!
To-Oh-Oh-day. Im walking away.Down wonderous road. To-oh-oh-day. What more can I say? Im walking down to wonderous road.
Tyrese's verse- To-oh-oh-day. What
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
The Moon Track 5
                       Tyrese Band- The Moon
They stooooole my sooooul. Put me in a cage, and letted it all grow. Cant control, theres no definite, who could be, responsible for this? I dont have the sense of a man, just trapped in a body going mad. Everytime that moon shines, theres a connection that's way out of line. Out of time. Cant get--the old me back! Im out of time. Theres no more time.
Was stupid, and done enough to walk down that road alone. You know this twisted world can have you trippin over cones. Heard something erractic, from a distance away. It got me-- for I even tried to---run-away. Inflicted with a bite of my flesh---out of my hand. Got the gestures of a dog---ooof a dooog!!!
When the moon shines out to me, elate my heart of some kind of glory. I get sudden happiness I cant understand, cant be happy not even close. It all started when I walked out that door. Just went for a drink in the club to dance my ni
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Im Not Afraid Of The Dark Track 10
                          Tyrese Band- Im Not Afraid of The Dark
Its been too long...I havent reach my prayer, lost my stroOng, since that mockingbird been pecking on my happiness. Its a long road, but Im sure to geet there. Im a warrior, only fighting things I can bear. Im not afraid, Im not aafraaaAID.....of the Dark
Not Afraid of the dark - 3 times Not Afraid Of the Da-Da-Da-DaRK!
Im not afraid of the dark! not afraid to walk in the deep. Just want to be me, dont care what noone else thinks! You may say Im way too high on my knees, but my complexes and my will makes my one army! Never give in, for NOTHING, take what you want, BUT YOU CANT TAKE MY STRONG! No- no- nooooo not afraid! of the dark! oh oh!
Renny's verse- Some people say Im a rock on a metalstone. Been standing for years, on my own! Noone can move, recycle or replace me! Feel the blood flowing through my veins, wanna put up a good f
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Tidal Wave Track 9
                          Tyrese Band- Tidal Wave
Sooo estrange. Theres an ocean, trees, our feet standing in the summer sand....Skin boiling in the mighty sun. But its alright its okay. Surely, make this a day.
Theres nothing that we can dooo. Tidal waves in the ocean push us through!
Cant get away. You're all I wanted, all I need to live this life. All I wanted, all I need, forever til the end of time. Wont stop chasing you until you're mines. World keeps spinning with our heaaarts inssiiiiiiiiiide. Our hearts insiiiiiiiide...
Renny's verse- Are words to be said, but I wont say anything. I wont say noooothing. My actions speak louder than what I would dooooo, to youuuuuu, ooOOOH through the kisses and hugs we sailing the way. Oh a star, in a spherical raayyy.
Oh Im holding these feelings in. Bitting my lip, the pain I CAN FEEL IT!!! cant let you walk awaaayyY! and let me fall down the draain!
Cant get away. You're all I
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Quicksand Track 6
                                Tyrese Band-  Quicksand
Whereever we goooo, whereever we laaAAAAND! We'll always end up sailing again! We ask questions that dont make alot of sense. Baby I can safely say, we're in troubleeeee. We're in trouble!
We're in trou-trou-trou- ah! ah!  something about this make me realize! trou-trou! that im on your anti-biotic side! trou-trOOUUU- then im on your downside! feel soooo, dooooooooowwwn!
First time we land, we begin to be so distant. From another world, why everytime I open my door I see another person? We're sinking in quicksand. WOnder where we're gonna land! ohoh! ohoh! oooWWWWWHHH-ohoH!
Renny's verse- Who keeps replacing you? my dear. its always an alteration in how you beHAVE! think we need an exorcist, cause you are possessed. Dont know whats gotten into you.
The way you move. Got me going crazy. Once every occasion, we have a party with the kni
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 1 0
Forever Track 2
                              Tyrese Band- Forever
I remember wheen I was just, 7 years old. I ran out in the cold, in the snooooow. Didnt know which way I was going bUT, I didnt wanted to go back. Didnt know which way I was going but I didnt wanted to turn my tracks.
lalalalala-la-la-la-la-la-la  lalalalala-la-la-la-la-la-laaaaaa
I remember wheeen I was just, sitting on a public bench. In the frosty weather, watching the streetlights change colors agaaaain. Remind me, frankly of my moom and dad.....they would just go at it again and again.
And IIII screamed....IIII saaaid, can we just stay together?...can we just be happy forever?....foooreeeeverr.....-music fades out to silence-
-happy music starts up-
Renny's verse- Im. Just a little girl. Longing for some sweet promises. Want victory with my family. I want victory waving a flag in the air. Screamin this is oveer, want to see yall sleeping cuddly in the
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Bloody Hands Track 1
                          Tyrese Band- Bloody Hands
Dont know how I sleep at night with the bloods on my hands. I plant the axe in the greysand riiight! Christmas! they speak of me! burly man wearing green. Frankestein mask on my faaace! Everyday they say becareful! watch your back cus Im always looking out my window. Run away! watch your back! Becare of the man in the mask and carrying around an axe!
wowoAAAAAAHH!! Bloody Hands, way too hard to graasp. My breath. My feet are way too wet. Its so cold outside. Dont wanna commit a murder tonight. Got bodies down a well, wanna play show and tell, teachin me how to have sex with a dead body. Blood on my hands ( 3 times) He tried to kill me for walking down the wrong street. Oh, see him foldin up those red stained sheets!
Renny's verse- Never believe the urban legend, cus they were always so skeptical. hysterical and mystical, owowoh. My brother putted an artifical skeleton in
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Last Day Of My Life Track 4
                              Tyrese Band- Last Day Of My Life
I knew someday I'd die alone. My guitar, still have its strings. As long as its functional it can still be played. Im hanging on a rope, sooner or later, I'll have to fall. yeaAH
Im counting my hands, Im counting my hands,IIII Im counting my hands. First time Im doone, liviiiiin. Oh lordy, strike the lightning and take the life out of meE.
I knew that I wouldnt survive. So done fighting this disease. Its ailing and taking the blithe out of me! oh yeAH! ooOOOOOOOH! OH YEAH! last daaaaaay of my life! cant write this in my diary. Im leaving with nothing to take along with me!
Renny's verse- Reason, no cant explain why! Im leaving with alot to leave behind! Wonder what the heavens feels like, when I start floating up to the sky! Dressed all in white, with an halo on my head. I came to god's delight. been livin long enough with my civil rights. Just be a
:iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0
Naokixyukari by ResigetmentCreator17 Naokixyukari :iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0 Me by ResigetmentCreator17 Me :iconresigetmentcreator17:ResigetmentCreator17 0 0


Chibi Hero Chronicles ch8 p45 by babynoodlez Chibi Hero Chronicles ch8 p45 :iconbabynoodlez:babynoodlez 1 1 ChiChi and Carlo by babynoodlez ChiChi and Carlo :iconbabynoodlez:babynoodlez 1 0 Fluttershy and Angel by PrettyFoxxyLady Fluttershy and Angel :iconprettyfoxxylady:PrettyFoxxyLady 70 104
Dark Wonderland
My fingers are bloody from clawing through these shattered dreams.
Darkness has been drawing its smothering cloak over me.
The skies still glimmer with surviving hope.
My eyes shimmer with tears that hold an emotion colored kaleidoscope. 
Is there still a light in the darkness?
I don't want to feel the thorns sharp caress.
Save me from these tormenting thoughts,
Which have me caught,
Inside their barbed cage.
I want to still the rage.
Can you see my hands impaled on the sides,
Of this prison that traps my mind?
Blood is dripping down the stems,
Of these black roses shining with liquid gems.
Someone wake me up and take my hand.
I lost myself in this dark Wonderland.

How did I believe this was an escape?
Now I can hear the monsters claws as they scrape,
Over this blackened earth.
My salvation is now a curse.
What a fool I was.
All my dreams now lay in dust.
Is there still a light in the darkness?
I don't want to feel the thorns sharp caress.
Save me from these tormenting t
:iconretrubutionist777:Retrubutionist777 27 67
Beautiful Mirage
Hey there, I wanted to talk to you.
You seem so strong but I can glimpse the darker hues.
The greatest fear you have,
Is showing when you're sad.
There's no one you ever tell.
But I know your ways too well.
You camouflage,
Your heart in a beautiful mirage.
And paint it with all the shades of gray,
So no on will see the pain.
Draw a black curtain over the windows,
That lead into your soul.
You douse it with indifference,
When I can see the deep caring in it. 
Its colored with highlights of rage filled red,
They're all the words left unsaid.
Bury your spirit so no one can cause sabotage. 
But I see through the beautiful mirage.

Toss your hair,
Like you don't care.
But I see the tears in your eyes.
And all the pretty lies,
You tell everyone.
So they won't say you're no fun.
You camouflage,
Your heart in a beautiful mirage.
And paint it with all the shades of gray,
So no on will see the pain.
Draw a black curtain over the windows,
That lead into your soul.
You douse it
:iconretrubutionist777:Retrubutionist777 22 25
There's more to life than assassinating by nightthevampire There's more to life than assassinating :iconnightthevampire:nightthevampire 1 0



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Resigetment, its a book that I wrote for several years. I kept starting over, and as I started over I notice that I've gotten better. Then It came to this point whereas I never want to stop writing this book. These imaginary people............they're the most significant thing ever to come in my life. I absolutely love my characters. I hope I get some kind of fans when I start writing.

Description- A 13 year old abandoned boy named Naoki Kajita learns that he is cursed when his leader  of an social martial arts warrior club Hashimoto sensai see's a mark of an eye on his back that releases hate energy. But when Naoki finally meets his brother which is his older brother Takashi an emotional wreck, teribbly scarred from his abusive horrific past forcibly removed the mark. Takashi became attracted to one of the clubmates which was Ayako. He started to sexually harrasse her. Naoki reported Takashi into proprietress of the land Katsuyuki. Takashi was removed from the village. But later Takashi curses Naoki again and is back in square one to fighting for his life. But Naoki dont realize that Takashi isnt the only one that's after him. He have these creepy people on Twitter who is helping Takashi to capture him, and he have alot more others. The world is ofcourse  a dangerous place for the little boy. But with his great martial arts skill, his specialty to use his family set of monsterous forms to transform into a mutant, his friends who love him all to dearly, family and all, Naoki will definetly fight for his life

Characters ( Most Significant to Unsignificant)

Shinto Takizawa ( A.K.A The Pimp)

Shinto is a main character, very close to Naoki. He loves women, joking, beer, and himself. He often jokes about Hirohito being fat, and Naoki being gay. (please dont take his jokes offensively though ^_^)

Shiro Takizawa

Shiro is the cousin of Shinto, as close to Naoki as Shinto is. And he very so often slaps off Shinto's jokes. He loves animals also.

Yukari Kurosawa

She's going to show up in Season 2. Naoki fell in love with her in martial arts achademy. He goes out with Akemi and then regrets it when  Yukari joins the Resigetment Club along with him and he still have deep feelings for her. Later, after lots of drama Naoki and Yukari begin to get sexual with each other. Naoki gets her pregnant and Yukari haves the baby boy which she have to take care of with out Naoki because she lived with him in the same country illegally. But they do switch the baby between eachother.

Akemi Fukai- She had fell in love with Naoki since she met him. She blazed in fireworks when Naoki went out with her to see a vampire movie and they kissed. When she caught Naoki and Yukari kissing on the sidewalk, she changed instantly. She grew very bitter and jealous towards Yukari. She talked about her behind her back wishing she'd get breast cancer because she had such big boobs. She even tried to be Takashi's friend but she was still torn with Naoki and even showed mercy on him. Imagine what she's do when she find out they had a baby. woooooh o_o

Oshima Chrono- A complete rival of Naoki. He's similar to Takashi in a sense. He killed to get to where he was now. He wanted to kill Kaoru his cousin because she was the cause of his mothers death. In Season 2 he changes instantly but it just dont happen this yet.
(also he flirted with Yukari which angered Naoki a whole lot)

Takashi Kajita- Complete antagonist of the story. Well I already explained him so whatever :)

Ray Shindo- 7 year old kid who had a similar past as Takashi. If he doesnt return home at a certain time his grandpa who is now dominating him since his parents death of an terrorist attack will beat him. Soon as he come home, he'll have to clean up and then sit with his grandpa and watch hardcore porno movies. Takashi takes him, but his grandpa dodges the polices and searches for Ray instantly. While Takashi goes off to school, Ray looks into his mysterious witchcraft book and discover spells.

Yoshimi Yamada- This character's story isnt really significant to theactual story of the book but he becomes a main character in season 3 when he discovers that he had secret triplet brother and sister Yoshiro and Yoshiko

Yakuza Kajita- Naoki's cousin.

Secondary Characters

Ayako Chiba- Akemi's bff

Hirohito Sae- Another of Naoki's friends. He's fat, has a rectangle nose and loves to eat. He hates fighting, The Resigetment Club and anything having to do with exercising.

Koji Ikehata- Yoshimi's cousin

Mori Tachibana- Yoshimi's girlfriend

Ai Tachibana- Mori's sister

Akio Togashi- Yakuza's ghetto friend

Masashiro, Masatake, & Akiharu Fukai- Akemi's cousins

Akinori- Akemi's sister

Akira Uchida- great looking jock, who's brother is a notorious, malevolent, manipulative man slayer of one of the most infamous killer groups on modern day, The Dark Siders

Aya Suzuki- A ripper wielder, she have a crush on Akira. They started dating eventually.

Chikara Yamatoya- A girl in Naoki's group who is loud, obnoxious and abusive. She sorta hits and punches people unreasonably.

Shoji Oguro- fat kid in Yakuza's group

Yanagijima Sensai- The meanest woman in the Resigetment Club. She has a voice that sounds like thunder.  She hates kids and she's veeeery fat and have a big black nose that doesnt tones up with the rest of her body.

Hashimoto Sensai- Leader of Naoki's group, she cares deeply about Naoki and is concerned for him.

Kaoru Chrono- When she was young, she went out with Hiroshi who is the father of Oshima to a circus. Got lost in a crowd and got raped by a clown. Hiroshi is blamed and goes through a cycle of emotional stress. Later he kills Akihisa (Oshima's mother) in result and thats how Oshima begins to hate her and wants to kill her.

I find the other characters way to unimportant to even talk about. You'll get to know them soon when you read. Also, there will be drawings and posters set up so you can know what they look like C:


Almeata :)
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Hey, Im Almeata, you can call me Al or whatever satisfy yourself. I am a very nice, but shy person in reallife. I really don't have much to say, and is unable to form an opinion on almost about anything. If you were to try to know me you probably would like me, if you don't try then heck, you'd think im weird and boring. I love to draw, I write lyrics, this 2013 im going to learn how to play the keyboard :) I love horror movies, Asian ones in general. I write stories. ( Thinking about uploading some since I have a pc for good lol :) I love learning new words. I hate school. And.......that's about it. Have questions? feel free to ask.


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